3411 US Highway 165, Pineville, LA 71360, United States.

Safety Tips


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Travel Tips

Use Ziplock bags for packing to prevent spills and wrinkles.

Separate clothing items using dry cleaner bags.

Travel & Safety Tips

Opt out for a sweatsuit or jogging suit for dual purposes: lounging and quick errands like fetching ice.

Close your bathroom door to minimize noise, as sound often travels via air/plumbing systems.

If you suspect you're being followed, knock on a nearby door and pretend you've misplaced your key. It can deter the follower and ensure your safety.

Hotel Protocols

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Upon arrival

Check the property layout provided at the back of your guest room door to locate the fire exits and staircases.

Locate alarm pull stations and fire extinguishers on your floor.

Familiarize yourself with the air conditioner's "OFF" switch to prevent smoke intake during fires.

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Security Procedures

Use deadbolt locks for enhanced security.

Secure the safety latch for added precaution.

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Verify identities before admitting anyone.

Safeguard your key; leave it at the front desk upon departure. Avoid leaving it unattended.


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In Case Of Fire

Stay calm.

Activate the nearest fire alarm.

Close doors near the fire.

Call the operator.

Exit the building if safe.

Take your room key.

In case of a tornados or severe weather

Should Civil Defense Sirens activate, the hotel's Fire Alarm System will also sound, signaling immediate evacuation to lower levels.

Hotel staff will assist you during evacuations.

We'll do our best to alert guests promptly, either through phone or door-to-door notifications.

Lost And Found- Dial “0”

Reach out to the front desk for lost and found items.

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In Case Of Smoke

Dial "0" or "911" in case of fire emergency.

Use a wet towel over your nose and mouth if the room fills with smoke.

Crawl to the door; check the door's temperature before opening.

Take your room key.

If hallways are smoky, crawl along the wall to the exit staircase.

Turn off the air conditioner.

Wet a cloth to block smoke under the door.

Keep drapes away from windows.

Signal your location using a sheet if there's no smoke outside the window.

Fill the tub or sink with cold water in case of fire emergencies.

Stay low and remain calm until help arrives.

Covid-19 Protocols

The hotel adheres to both brand and state COVID-19 guidelines.

Masks are mandatory in the lobby and all public areas.

Guests must maintain social distancing, especially in the breakfast area.

The hotel isn't liable for any illness a guest might contract during their stay.